Friday, March 21, 2008

How all this started?

For all people who don't know us..and also as a peice of revision for people who know us..this posting is merely an intoduction to our FRIENDs circle proudly known as S.P.A.R.K. Each letter in this word stands out for each of us.
S-> Shripad
P-> Prajakt and Prasad
A-> Anand
R-> Ruchir
K-> Kapil

Of these six personnels Anand, ruchir and prasad were the oldest together, others just kept joining. Mentioned trio were school mates from 4th Std. Immediate next to join them was Kapil. Though earlier he preferred to keep distance from them, "Niyati ko kuch aur hi manjur tha". And very soon he became most charming boy in the unit. After this it took a bit of time to make progress. Nothing was happening. Everyone was thinking thats it.. this is the terminal they were destined to.
Just then in class 8th, there was a new ray of student admitted to same class named Prajakt. With his charm and easy to go attitude..he engross everyone. With his immaculate cricketing skill he placed himself above all. But again there was something missing. And after Mid-Semister in class 9th Shripad made his appearance. It almost took no time to edit his part in the group. All mixed up very well. Everything was looking complete. And in fact it was prefect.
These guys literally dominated their class. Prajakt was Captain of class cricket team. Prasad was monitor of the class. Kapil/Anand were the toppers of the class. Ruchir was most joly person and most famous amongst girls. Shripad kept following their toppers and kept guard for them so that no one could possibly challege them. They were the favourites among all teachers.
After 10th, there was a twist. Everyone got dispersed. They got admitted to different high-school. All their detractors thought that was end of era. Proving everyone wrong they kept meeting. And very soon everyone realised they formed a bond, that could last for their entire life. As everyone knows its not easy to find and keep true friends. They had to give a tougher test to prove themselves. For completing their gratuations, they had to leave their home town Nagpur. Kapil went to Mumbai, Shripad to Pune, Prajakt to Mumbai, Prasad to Sangali and Anand and Ruchir were in Nagpur. But once again they proved themselves. They kept meeting every single time they got chance. They kept chatting, they kept calling, they kept traveling to meet each other.
Thats what we are today! Where we are today! And what we have today! Thats how i was inspired to write this. I am really thankful to god for endowing me with such true friends. And i pray to god give everyone of us strength enough to keep our friendship!!